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We would like to introduce to you a unique concept in family entertainment,
the musical on ice!

 You will enter a whole new dimension in musical shows – a show unlike any other. Our story? The famous and much loved tale of Cinderella.

 We are proud to present the one and only Cinderella – a magical musical on ice.

The scriptwriter and director Jindřich Šimek, composer Petr Malásek and lyricist Václav Kopta, together with their artistic team, have created a 2-hour long show with a happy ending. You will see the fantastic artistic and sporting performances of the skaters, dancers, actors and singers, as well as breathtaking choreography on ice and stage,
and the most modern concert and theatre technology.

Since 2011, our continually sold out tours have shown just how great our success is, both with our audiences and commercially!

However, we are constantly looking for new destinations for our show and for new ways to achieve even greater goals!

Our guiding principles are professionalism, originality and quality.

Broad recognition and positive awareness of our brand are signs of the quality that is not only valued by us, but also by our media and advertising partners,
who provide on-going support for exceptional projects.

Welcome to our website and enjoy the unique shows created by our dedicated team!