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Romeo and Juliet

The story of the great love between Romeo and Juliet inspired by the drama by William Shakespeare translated by Zdeněk Urbánek according to the original published by Cambridge University Press in 1955, written and adapted to the musical on ice by Jindřich Šimek.

This musical love story on ice takes place in a historical backdrop, but uses contemporary set, sound and lighting technologies. This combination gives rise to an impressive show featuring many dazzling effects. The show is the largest of its kind in the world and an entirely unique project starring many athletes, artists and a great number of creative team members.

Created by:
Script and direction:
Jindřich Šimek
Boris Urbánek
Jaromír Nohavica
Pasquale Camerlengo
Set and costumes:
Alexander Babraj
Lighting designer:
Jan Plesník
Music performed by:
Symfonický orchestr pražských filharmoniků
Conducted by:
Paolo Gatto
List of Characters:
Songs and narratives recorded by Lucie Bílá. Skating performed by Radka Kovaříková, Jelena Jovanovičová
Songs recorded by Bohuš Matuš, narrated by Pavel Kříž, Skating performed by René Novotný, Vladislav Žovnirskij(RUS)
Songs and narratives recorded by Kamil Střihavka, Skating performed by Alexej Urmanov (RUS), Ruslan Novoselcev (RUS)
Songs recorded by Bohouš Josef, narrated by Jiří Sedláček, Skating performed by Armen Saakian (USA), Karel Nekola
Songs recorded by Petr Janda , narrated by Norbert Lichý, Skating performed by Karel Nekola, Jan Nerad
Songs recorded by and played by Jiří Korn, the part played by Jan Přeučil, Pavel Handl
The Nurse:
Songs recorded by and played by Hana Křížková, the part played by Věra Janků
Lady Capulet:
Songs recorded by and played by Věra Špinarová, Irena Budweiserová
Lady Montague:
Songs recorded by and played by Athina Langoska, Jana Vaculíková
Songs recorded by and played by Petr Kotvald, the part played by Vladimír Polák, Petr Sýkora and others.
World premiere:
16 April 2003, Ostrava